About Plan2Account

What sets Plan2Account apart from
Revenue Cycle Management Companies?

There’s no comparison! While RCM companies only scratch the surface, our unprecedented asset recovery
system provides a 100% audit of old data going back 5+ years. We go above and beyond what RCM companies provide.

100% Risk-Free Audits

Plan2Account provides a 100% audit on your old data going back 5+ years to locate billing mistakes and other issues.

Our Proprietary Advantage

Our unique “Proprietary Advantage” for uncovering trapped assets is our breakthrough Business Intelligence engine software.

Unprecedented Asset Recovery

Our unprecedented asset recovery system can potentially capture millions of dollars in trapped assets for hospitals.

The Plan2Account Story

Plan2Account is a technology leader and innovator of asset recovery in the healthcare industry. We focus on asset recovery by helping a national client base of healthcare providers collect on trapped assets. Through a combination of innovative software and experienced staff, Plan2Account successfully works against the Payor to identify underpayments and retrieve previously irretrievable debt both today and in the future.

Unlike traditional revenue cycle vendors, Plan2Account is a technology company that automates the process of identifying ALL errors and underpayments made between the provider and the insurer/payor. Traditional vendors only focus on a small sampling of claims and do not have the capability of performing a 100% audit.

Our Technology

Plan2Account offers 100% payor audit and recovery services, specializing in payment variances and zero-balance accounts. We employ proprietary, cloud-based, analytic software to analyze payor and provider contracts, 835s, and 837s to re-engineer the payment process using historical claims data.

Plan2Account then automates the process and effectively re-adjudicates each claim, identifies any variances to which the hospital may be entitled, and qualifies the variances for all parties. We work hand-in-hand with hospitals to collect the variances from the payor. As a by-product, contract management and reimbursement benefits are fully realized.

What makes Plan2Account Different?

Plan2Account goes above and beyond Revenue Cycle Management companies. We’re the only business in existence with the ability to re-engineer old data, mass-audit it, and locate and resolve 5+ years of claims that were billed incorrectly!


By performing a 100% audit of 5 years or more of transactional data, we find and identify ALL payment variances between the health system and the insurer/payor.


By leveraging the use of business intelligence gathered for over three decades, Plan2Account analytics software identifies underpayments by comparing your data against over 400,000 issue/error codes.


100% payor audit for all payor and all specialties completed in less than 60 days.


Plan2Account’s expected results average 3% recovery of annual patient billing, and the net recovery of these revenues goes directly to the bottom line with no additional expense.


Providing insight and recommendations on retrospective and prospective payor issues.

You have trapped assets. It’s time to Unlock Them.

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