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Your Hospital has trapped assets. Here's how we can help unlock them.

Not your traditional Revenue Cycle Management company

With Plan2Account, there is no up-front cost and virtually no-risk for the healthcare provider.
The benefits from audit and recovery can make a positive financial impact in the current fiscal year.

Step 1: Data Transmission

Five years of data files are securely sent to Plan2Account from your healthcare business. We can receive data and integrate from any system, including Meditech, Cerner, McKesson, Epic Systems, Siemens Healthcare, CPSI, Healthcare Management Systems, Healthlan, and Eclipsys. We’re so easy to work with, it’s an IT dream come true.

Step 2: Plan2Account Imports your Data

After transmission of your secure data, our team imports your profile into our secure data system. Historical transactions are organized by Plan2Account’s Business Intelligence Engine and internal claims are validated, with all ICD-9/10 and CPT codes considered.

Step 3: Data Audits

Plan2Account’s business intelligence engine software then audits your data, comparing it against over 400,000 error codes that we have accumulated over the last 25 years. During this audit process, our software reviews and analyzes your data, finding even the smallest discepancies in your billing history.

Step 4: Reporting

Plan2Account provides you with a detailed Contract Value Analysis report, which includes a comprehensive analysis and onsite review of each and every contract with your hospital or physician group. Underpayments are flagged and an easy-to-understand error report is generated.

Step 5: Collect on Trapped Assets

Our team initiates the vigorous process of collecting the identified trapped assets. We do the work for your bottom line. As new error codes are identified, our system applies them to your past and current data. Our monthly reports ensure you don’t once again fall in the trap of lost assets.

You have trapped assets. It’s time to Unlock Them.

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