Predictive Modeling for Population Health Management

by | Feb 14, 2018 | Case Studies


A prominent healthcare organization based in the United States sought to improve the quality of patient care, reduce healthcare costs and better understand the health status of patients. They required a program to predict the future health status of patients and classify them by current health checks.


Phase 1:

Plan2Account began acquiring clinical, claim, socio-demographic and care management data across the care continuum to aggregate and standardize data.

Phase 2:

Plan2Account defined the target population and normalized all relevant patient data to analyze and stratify populations based on clinical, financial and demographic risk.

Phase 3:

Through the application of advanced predictive algorithms, Plan2Account determined probable clinical outcomes, cost of care and patient satisfaction while identifying areas for improvement.


Plan2Account provided convenient access to health information, with or without an EHR, including relevant alerts within the clinician’s natural workflow. The client in turn improved overall quality of patient care and enhanced patient experiences, while reducing health costs.


The client gained predictive healthcare algorithms that successfully reduced their health costs and improved their standard of care.

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